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About Us


Edward R. Nightingale
with 38 years in manufacturing and 
Twenty years in microscope sales and service.
(A little older since this picture was taken!)

We can provide information needed by the professional, amateur, hobbyist and the kid who is just thinking he or she might like to know the near invisible around him. The microscopes sell themselves if we can get an opportunity to talk to the user.

Some Comments From Our Customers:

............. Fortunately there is a very honest used microscope dealer in Florida
named Ed Nightingale who carries Motics, Nationals and a realm of good used
microscopes including Leitz, Zeiss and American Optical. They will give you the
straight goods on new and used, this brand, that brand, parts, everything. You will
find them here;

Microscope Advisory
Tim Wilson.,       Canada


  • "Better than I expected!"    John,  Florida
  • "Just as you described."    Roger, Oklahoma
  • "Great reconditioned B&L, beautiful, like a classic Buick!"   Richard, Pennsylvania
  • "We like your attitude!"   Robert, Texas
  • "Thanks for walking me through the mysteries of the microscope and providing the just the right microscope."   Barbara, Florida
  • I was worried about this being a cheap scope. Boy was I wrong! Did my skin scrapes this morning...4 AM on my Koi. This scope is great ! Good, bright,fine adjustment. Spotted those gill flukes in 2 seconds.  - Doug Ward


Ask Us!
If you are an expert, or even if you don't know about microscopes, we will be glad to offer our views and help you find the right microscope or solution to your magnification requirements. If you are not sure - just ask us!  We attempt to create descriptions accurately: however, if errors exist, we will make every effort to correct them. All equipment, unless otherwise noted, carry a minimum one-year limited warranty (except electrical parts).

We provide Secure On Line Ordering and accept Visa and Master Card. We also welcome telephone or mail orders. All items are subject to availability at time of confirmed order.

If you have questions or comments about this web site, please Contact Us.

Thanks for visiting our web site.


Phone: 239-997-5354

Mailing Address:
            Nightingale Sales, Inc.
            4260 Perth Court
            Fort Myers, FL 33903


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