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Advanced Binocular microscopeAdvanced Binocular microscopeIdeal for advanced high school, biology, college, veterinarian, medical or technical applications
D-Moticam 1SP Digital CameraD-Moticam 1SP Digital CameraD-Moticam 1SP  1.3 MP  Digital Camera
For a very affordable cost, this high-resolution camera permits you to use your own microscope to create still or moving microscope images on your PC. With the included Motic Images software for PC’s, you can view, enhance, label, measure, print, and store the images all with one program.  This lightweight digital camera mounts over almost any microscope eyepiece (stereo or compound) with supplied C ring adapter and microscope eyepiece adapters.  Provides 1.3 Mega pixels at 1280x1024 framed resolution, everything included for easy plug-and-play, for use with Windows XP or above and OSX. Shipping wt. 2 lbs
MoticNet 1+24MoticNet 1+24MoticNet represents the next step in Science Classroom Management. MoticNet is a software program that allows digital microscopes to be linked together in a network so that one teacher can have full and instant access to any student at any time.
Swift M15T-P Infinity Forrected Compound microscope -TrinocularSwift  M15T-P Infinity Forrected Compound microscope -Trinocular
The "NEW" M15 compound microscope series features infinity corrected optics, ideal for college laboratories, veterinary and medical applications. Supplied with trinocular head, this research level microscope also incorporates a halogen illumination system and wide field 20mm eyepieces for a very crisp image.
With the optional C-mount adapter, you can easily attach any C-mount ready imagining device.
Swift Advanced Stereo SM-95-SM90CLSwift Advanced Stereo SM-95-SM90CL
  • 1X and 3X   ( 10x - 30x magnification)

  • 3W LED illumination provides bright, white light with virtually no he
Swift Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope M28Z-SM90CLSwift Advanced Stereo Zoom Microscope M28Z-SM90CLSwift Advanced Zoom Stereo Microscope, M28Z-SM90CL
10x Zoom to 40x magnification
3w LED bottom and top illumination with dimmr switch
Swift Digital M3602C-4DGL Microscope/ w softwareSwift Digital M3602C-4DGL Microscope/ w softwareThe M3602C-4DGL model features a new look and a 3.0 megapixel built-in digital camera. Energy-efficient, variable, cordless LED illumination provides white light with virtually no heat. Ideal for capturing images and projecting live specimen. The M3602C-4DGL comes complete with Motic Images Plus software. Windows XP, Vista, 7, and Mac OSX compatible.
Swift M10B-S Advanced Binocular Compound MicroscopeSwift M10B-S Advanced Binocular Compound MicroscopeSwift M10B-S Advanced Binocular Compound Microscope
  • Widefield 10x /20mm eyepieces.
  • Binocular viewing head with 45° inclined eyepieces, with diopter and interpupillary adjustment 54mm to 76mm.
  • DIN standard 4x (0.10 N.A.), 10x (0.25 N.A.), 40xR (0.65 N.A.) and 100xR oil immersion (1.25 N.A.) objectives. semi-plan lenses. All are parfocalled, parcentered and color-coded.

Swift M2251CL Monocular microscopeSwift M2251CL  Monocular microscopeSwift M2251CL  Monocular microscope
The M2250 Series is ideal for a wide variety of educational applications and built to withstand student use. This series has locked-on stage clips, eyepiece, objectives (sealed 40x) and a "slip-clutch" focusing system to protect gears from over-focusing. M2251CL is supplied with cool and efficient LED illumination with dimmer switch and American plug.
Swift M29TZ-SM90CL Trinocular Stereo microscopeSwift M29TZ-SM90CL Trinocular Stereo microscopeSwift M29TZ-SM90CL Trinocular Stereo microscope
The M29TZ is ideal for laboratory, industrial and educational use. This stereo microscope features zoom objectives with a continuous magnification range of 10X to 40X, offering added versatility that is not an option with fixed power stereo microscopes. Trinocular Port accepts both video and SLR adapters.
Swift M3-B Micro / Macro microscopeSwift M3-B Micro / Macro microscopeThe M3 series combines 3 microscopes in one! The M3 allows you to view both microscopic specimens, by using the compound objectives (4X, 10X, 40X) and macroscopic specimens, by using the 2X macro objective. It is cordless, using energy efficient, rechargeable LED illumination and compact so it is ideal for both classroom and field work applications.
Swift M3-F Forensic MicroscopeSwift M3-F Forensic MicroscopeSwift Forensic M3F revolutionary technology to compare images in both micro and macro environments. The M3's dedicated macro lens with large working distance allows you to view not only bullets but also larger more bulky "evidence items." With C-mount adaptor you can easily attach any C-mount read imaging device. Motic Trace , a forensic comparison software program is also available and sold as an additional application.
Swift M3601 Monocular Compound microscopeSwift M3601 Monocular Compound microscope
Swift M3602-4 Education Compound MicroscopeSwift M3602-4  Education Compound MicroscopeSwift M3602-4  Education Compound Microscope
The Swift M3600 Series continues the Swift tradition for innovation, quality and student-proof features, and updates our well-known M3500 classic model series with a brand new look and design. Built-in handle, built-in mechanical stage, variable LED illumination are just some of the state-of-the-art features that makes this series in a class of its own. Ideal for high school students and advanced grade levels.
Swift M3702CB-4 Binocular microscopeSwift M3702CB-4 Binocular microscopeSwift M3702CB-4: Combining a new design with a curved handle that encourages proper handling, variable LED illumination and smooth coaxial focusing. HEAD: Binocular EYEPIECES: W10XD, 18mm one with Pointer OBJECTIVES: 4XD, 10XD, 40XRD, 100XRD Semi-plan STAGE: Built-in Mechanical CONDENSER: Abbe 1.25 DIN, Rack & Pinion ILLUMINATOR: Cordless, LED with Dimmer Switch, supplied with 110v charger to be used as standard plug in application.
Swift SM101-C Stereo MicroscopeSwift SM101-C Stereo Microscope
  • Swift SM101-C  stereo / dissecting
  • Binocular Head
  • 10x and 30x Magnification
  • Cordless Stand
  • 10x Eyepieces
  • LED Illumination
  • Fixed Stage with Clips
  • Slip-Clutch System for Focusing
  • Diopter Adjustment
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty 
Swift SM105-C Zoom stereo microscope 1x zoom to 3x, (10 thru 30x)Swift SM105-C Zoom stereo microscope 1x zoom to 3x, (10 thru 30x)
 The  Swift SM105 features magnifications of 10X to 30X. The SM105 includes energy-efficient variable LED illumination with 5 light setting combinations, "one-touch" spring loaded stage clips and right eyepiece diopter focusing adjustment. Ideal for high school classrooms and up. This new series of stereo microscopes is designed to fit your budget, too!
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