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Rapid Warrenty repair

Hi Edward, Thanks to your help this fall, I am pleased to report we have received our National Microscopes back from National Optical Instruments and all repairs have been completed at no charge. I really appreciate the time you took to coordinate the repairs with National Optical Instruments. In this time of tight budgets, the no charge repairs were a lifesaver! Thanks again, Edith H Science Lab Manager
Edith H
Science Lab Manager

Customer recomendation

Fortunatly there is a honest microscope dealer in Florida, named Ed Nightingale, who carries Motic, National Optical Instruments, Labomed, Accu-Scope and a realm of good used microscopes as well including Zeiss, Leitz and American Optical. They will give you the straight goods on new, used, this brand, that brand, parts, everything.
Tom W Canada

Extremely happy with the service

Ed, Extremely happy with the service..we will continue to use your company for servicing needs. Thanks for the follow-up.
University in Florida
Extremely happy with the service

Personal attention when things go wrong.

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your honesty and punctuality in regard to this whole purchase. Even though some things went wrong, you made it right immediately and didn't give me excuses. That means the world to me. I also run a business and if it wasn't for holding to the notion of treating others the way we wish to be treated, we would never generate income to feed our families and have a secured life.
Jennifer, FL
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