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Purchasing a new microscope? Our product descriptions will help you decide which digital microscopes are best for you!

All microscopes have unique qualities and capabilities. Depending on what you are planning to view will help determine what microscope to get. Our Trinocular microscope or Stereo Zoom microscope is are a great purchase. Are you looking to record your findings? The wonderful capabilities that the Moticam camera and different digital microscope accessories have allow you to record, review and share your findings with others.
The technology that microscopes have come to is amazing! Analyzing and viewing materials under a 400x microscope lets you have clearer images. The digital USB microscope connects directly to your computer. Using a 400x USB capable microscope lets you have an outstanding quality image turning your computer into a great microscopic tool! Explore our microscope collections including the Labomed microscopes and digital microscopes eyepiece to determine what suites your needs best, and if you have questions just ask!
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