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Frequently Asked Questions.


Question: My child is 11 years old and interested in science, what microscope should I buy for her / him?

Answer:  Our recommendation is a stereo (dissecting) microscope because a person can find many items around the house and yard that can be viewed with magnification with out specimen preparation. Items like insects, lint, leaves etc.  If one chooses a compound (medical type) microscope someone must prepare the specimen slides to view.

 Question:  What is the difference between a Stereo (Dissecting) Microscope and a Compound  (Medical type) microscope?

Answer:   A stereo microscope has lower magnification so one can see a three dimensional object in greater depth such as a fly, and the illumination usually comes from above  rather than from the bottom,  where as a Compound microscope has higher magnification (up to 1000x) and the specimens must be prepared in a very thin section so the illumination can show up through the item.

Question;  Why wouldn't I want the most magnification that I could get?

Answer:  The higher magnification the least "depth of field,"  that is, at lower magnification one can see a greater portion of the object such as the top of a fly's head and also further down through the eye portion.  

Question:  How do I know who I can trust when buying a microscope?

Answer:   Questions for you to ask:
How long have they been in business  (We have 18 years in this location.)
What do testimonials say about the company?
Do they have a full line of microscopes to choose from?  We currently have two website  - - a sampling of new and reconditioned microscopes and  -- dedicated to educational microscopes from National Optical, San Antonio, TX.  We also are preparing two more websites to showcase our Accu-Scope line and our Labomed line.  
Do they have a secure checkout site - indicated by a Secure Site logo.
Have they been recommended by your friends and / or will they give you references such as our large clientele of School, Colleges and Universities as well as individuals.
Do they offer a warranty and return policy? .  

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