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Motic Model BA310 POL (Polarizing) Microscope

Motic Model BA310 POL (Polarizing) Microscope

Motic Model BA310 POL (Polarizing) Microscope
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Motic Model BA310 POL (Polarizing) Microscope #  1100100402241 
BA310POL Standard:
BA310POL Main Body
WF PL 10X 20w/ diopter SG02S0703B (1)
WF PL 10X 20) w/ cross hair & diopter SG02S0159 (1)
Binocular Head 30 degree inclined SP100353 (1)
Intermediate Tube
360 degree Rotatable Analyzer AA4368712B (1)
Focusable Bertrand Lens
Quadruple Nosepiece SW011723 (1)
4X SG01S012B5X (1)
10X SG01S022B5X (1)
40X (S) SG01S042B5X (1)
60X (S) SG01S052B5X (1)
360 degree circular rotatable Stage AA4368703B (1)
N.A.0.9/0.13 Swing Out Achromat Condenser (strain-free) SG030603 (1)
Rotatable Polarizer AA4368702 (1)
Empty Insertion Plate SG069903 (1)
6V/30W Halogen Light adjustable intensity SE060215 (1)
Blue filter SG06070M (1)
2.5mm Hex Allen Key SP070005 (1)
Anti-fungus Treatment:
The system is protected against fungus growth. All critical parts of the microscope such as eyepieces, objectives and observation tube are anti-fungus treated to ensure image clarity and system durability.
Full compliment of OPTIONAL accessories available including trinocular version.

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